Bonnieview Farm
Kristin & Neil Urie

Bonnieview Farm

Connecting Land, Food & People

Hand-crafted farmstead wool products and meats (lamb, beef & chicken).

Phone Number
(802) 755-6878
Physical Address
2228 South Albany Road - Albany, VT
USPS Mailing Address
2228 South Albany Road - Craftsbury Common, VT
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Cloverworks Farm – Albany, VT
Katie Sullivan & Matt Wimmer

Cloverworks Farm - Albany, VT

Cloverworks Farm - Albany, VT is a Vermont sheep farm featuring registered Bluefaced Leicester and Border Leicester sheep. We offer premium lamb, yarn, and fiber products at our Vermont farm and on our website.

Cloverworks Farm meets the highest standards for land and animal stewardship.

Open Days & Hours
By appointment
Phone Number
(802) 324-2039
Physical Address
4558 Creek Road - Albany, VT
USPS Mailing Address
4558 Creek Road - Irasburg, VT
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Hillside Farm & Pearce’s Pastured Poultry
William Pearce & Hannah Pearce

Hillside Farm

Home of Pearce's Pastured Poultry

William Pearce & Hannah Marvyl Pearce

Fresh, pastured-raised chicken & ducks, wild & ecologically grown apple cider
  • Pasture Raised Poultry
    Whole Broiler Chickens
    Whole Ducks
    Seasonal Whole Turkey
    Farm-raised Layers
  • Pork
    Whole/ Half Pigs
    Pork Cuts
  • Orchard Products
    Fresh Pasteurized Apple Cider
    Apple Sauce
    Blueberry-Apple Sauce
Phone Number
(802) 755 6278
Physical Address
919 Barton Road, East Albany, VT
USPS Mailing Address
919 Barton Road – West Glover, VT
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AJ’s Happy Chick Farm
Sue Beshar & Brian Naylor

Food Products & Fiber Products

at AJ's Happy Chick Farm Stand

  • Jarred & canned goods (relishes, sauces, jams, jellies)

  • Spice mixes

  • Maple products, candies, popcorn, granola, sugar, cotton candy, nut, honey

  • Feathers (pea fowl, guinea…)

  • Raw Finn sheep wool

  • Natural and dyed roving for spinners

  • Seasonally: Armenian, Thai and Russian garlic

  • AJ’s certified organic maple syrup & flavored maple syrups

  • Grass fed, humanely raised beef & lamb (seasonally)

  • Plant starts & plants

  • Fresh seasonal fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs

  • Registered Maremma livestock guardian dogs (LGD) and Finnish sheep.

AJ’s Happy Chick Farm an 140 acre mixed farm using only sustainable methods and humane, loving animal husbandry. In addition to having many garden beds and both a blueberry field and apple orchard we are the home to a wide variety of fowl including specialty chickens, peas, guinea, turkey, and ducks as well as cattle, some of which are rescues here for retirement only, sheep, dogs, cats, a rescue cockatoo and giant Sculcata tortoise named Shelly,

In an effort to become as self-sufficient as possible we produce a wide variety of products all of which meet our own picky standards before becoming available to the public. Susan has been canning for over 15 years and each product on the shelves is time tested in its deliciousness and any ingredients needing to be purchased such as sugar is certified organic.

June through October our farm-stand is open to the public Sunday-Friday (3:30pm -5:30pm weekdays / 10:30am -3:30pm on Sunday’s) and we often have very special animal guests on Sundays for those who like to learn and pet. 🙂

Brian also offers milled lumber both dimensional and unique slabs for countertops harvested from our woods for beneficial management.

Super sweet Finn sheep (breeding or pet stock only all meat lambs spend their time here and can be purchased after processing) as well as Maremma livestock Guardian puppies (every few years) are available to qualified buyers.

AJ’s Happy Chick Farm works with Kingdom Maple (Albany, VT) to produce syrup from our certified organic sugar bush and this year, 2021, the farm will have the hayfields and pastures certified as well. Our plan is that the year 2022 will bring the certification of our lamb and other meat products as well as completing our fully off the grid solar arrays (we are already 1/2 way there!)

Farm tours available by appointment.

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Open Days & Hours
June - October: afternoons Sunday - Friday - Tours by appointment
Phone Number
(802) 242-0062
Physical Address
287 Sinon Road - Albany, VT
USPS Mailing Address
287 Sinon Road - West Glover, VT 05875
USPS Mailing Address ZIP Code