Peace of Earth Farm
Rebecca Beidler & Jeffrey Ellis

Peace of Earth Farm

Albany, VT

Peace of Earth, a small, permaculture, no-till farm in Albany, VT is passionate about building soil and producing nutrient-filled and tasty food by using the wisdom of natural systems.

We develop our gardens and improve the soil without using mechanical tillage. We garden with the help of chickens, pigs, and sheet mulching. Sheet mulches cover the ground with a barrier layer of cardboard or newspaper that breaks down, topped with composted manures and mulch layers. This mulching system adds fertility to our gardens and controls weeds.

We employ organic principles and do not use chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. We use open pollinated seeds as much as possible and save our own seeds to keep a wide variety of delicious heirloom varieties alive.

Peace of Earth Farm offers a wide variety of vegetables, culinary & medicinal herbs, fruits and mushrooms. Contact us for our current Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) offerings.

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Phone Number
(802) 755-6336
Physical Address
43 West Griggs Road - Albany, VT
USPS Mailing Address
43 West Griggs Road - Irasburg, VT
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